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    I love Okami and Okamiden! I feel that both games are great in their own right and comparing them doesn't really do them justice. Okami was more like a retelling of an old epic or a legend, while Okamiden was the telling of a new story while opening up possibilities for future sequels.

    I admit that Okami was more immersive overall, and that Okamiden lacked the 'legendary' feel of it's predecessor but it's reasonable since you're playing as 'child' Chibiterasu rather than adult Ammy. However Okamiden stands out by being able to evoke a stronger emotional impact; balancing both comedy and drama. While in Okami most of the plot twists were obvious, when you go through Okamiden the first time the plot twists are sudden and unexpected.

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    Here's something I've been wondering about for a while. Is there anyone who actually prefers Okamiden over the original Okami? I've heard some people say that Okamiden was a great sequel, but couldn't quite keep up, and heard other's call Okamiden a let-down, but I've never heard anyone actually say they liked Okamiden better. I personally love both of them, and I'm not sure I could choose between them. So I was wondering what everyone here thinks.