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    For anyone wondering, Thunderf00t is a guy you Youtube who is a chemist, physicist and part time astronomer. He uses science and common sense to counter and argue against religious opinions, especially those of creationists. He also ridicules them alot.

    Here is a link to his channel: ∞ YouTube ∞
    I would reccomend that if you are to watch some of his videos watch theese: ∞ YouTube ∞ It is a playlist of a series of videos he made that is called: Why people laugh at creationists. As of now, it is in 37 parts.

    I find many of the claims and counterclaims against Thunderf00t quite hillarious, that they show that they have absolutely no firm grip of reality, nor science.

    He is quite the logical person and is clearly a non-believer. You should check him out.

    ''Science bitches, it works!''-Thunderf00t